Word Recycling


Today’s Recycled Word: Obambulate

Words are falling out of common use everyday. When was the last time you used a shoe hook, went pace egging or ate haggis? Or for that matter, when was the last time you heard of someone obambulating? We note that to obambulate means to wander aimlessly. However, this muscular and clinical sounding word is crying out for a more common definition. So we offer the following alternative definition:


intransitive verb, obambulate, obambulating

1. to choke to near asphyxiation during a violent verbal tirade against Barack Obama, as in “Mr. Limbaugh obambulated on his show again today and had to be taken to the emergency room.”

Anagrams for “Vladimir Putin”

A Livid Prim Nut

Run It, Limp Diva!

I Avid Limp Runt

Anagrams for “Manuel Ortega”

Legato Manure

League Matron

A Remelt Guano

A Real Emu Tong

Anagrams for “Nancy Pelosi”:

Nosy Pelican

Clean Spin Yo

Lace Pinyons

Anagrams for “Mahmoud Ahmadinejad”:

A Dam Jehad Undo Him, Ma

A Jaded Nomad Imam Huh?

Hog Calling

I love hog calls like those at state fairs around the USA. Great hog calls include a combination of grunting, gutteral sounds and rising syllable notes. They should be able to be hollered and heard for miles and be easily learned and repeated. Champion callers have unique signature calls. Most important of all, they should attract hogs.

We humbly offer these hog calls for President Bush, who surrounds himself with some real champion hogs:


NEW-kew-lurr, NEW-kew-lurr ,UHH-HUHH, NEW-kew-lurr,

eye-RAK, eye-RAK, no-bid-CON-tract, UHH-HUHH, no-bid-CON-tract,

Heeer brow-NEE, brow-NEE, brow-NEE


Anagrams for Rush Limbaugh:

Hauls Grub Him!

Hamburg Lush I

Sahib  Mug Hurl

Largish Bum, Uh?

Laughs Rub Him


Anagrams for “Sarah Palin”:

A Hair Plans

Nasal Harp I

A Harp Slain

One response to “Word Recycling

  1. I’m doing a Kryptos Anagram contest if anyone is interested.




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