The Fundament of Karma

Today’s guest poet is brother Don Brandis. He sends in this fine and funny meditation on karma.

The Fundament of Karma

We at Unibody Inc are emailing
because your karma account is nearly empty
without significant new debt
you risk a zero balance
in which case, well, you can’t go there
we respectfully suggest that you go slap someone
preferably a total stranger, in a public place,
as in full of witnesses

public karma is stronger and more lasting
than private envy or vengefulness or malice
our accounting department assures us of the unlikelihood
of a zero balance

unless you’ve been a saint through 40 lifetimes
have you been neglecting your body?
everything it wants needs you to exist
or it (you) become like Schrodinger’s cat
since you haven’t been listening to your body
try to imagine you’ve become both existent and non-existent
as well as neither

as you will unless you owe someone.
You are what you owe yourself
and what you owe yourself you owe us;
the fundament of karma

4 responses to “The Fundament of Karma

  1. Hey! This guy’s not too bad.

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  2. I was tempted to ‘like’ this, but then I remembered the dangerously low balance in my karma account.

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