Musical Interlude

I listened to a new singing group today.
The singers worked together the way leopards hunt —
no wasted words or thoughts,
as if nature had made them into a single new species
for as long as they sang together.

My glasses began to hum along.
The neighbor bringing out his recycling
paused and looked around
as if trying to remember something
that he knew would make him happy
and it was there just out of reach.

My wife said “come and help me take down the Christmas tree.”
Even that sounded different — more grateful.

Nuclear annihilation, large earthquakes,
the seas flooding lower Manhattan–all held off for today.
The songs rang in my car and then rolled down the street,
across the freeway and down the river towards the sea.

Then things were quiet again. The barges on the river
chugged along and the bridges were lifted
for a new grain ship from Singapore.

The songs might be reaching you soon.
I thought you should know.

5 responses to “Musical Interlude

  1. Melissa Shaw-Smith

    I’ve got my ears peeled! Great poem.


  2. They are on their way over to you, Melissa.


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