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We are proud of the old shanghai tunnels in this town
now dissected by the basements of lawyers and rug merchants.
Once the tunnels lead drugged sailors back to their pressed lives.
We hold the them up as if to say,
See, we were wild once — back in the day, back in the day.
Now we have a basketball team and a gay mayor.
See how far we have come?
Now we drive hybrids and recycle and remember fondly
when things were rough and racy.
See how we care?
We have a home –an empty lot– for the homeless out by the airport.
See how we care?
Now we lead west coast cities in child sex trafficking — no really, you didn’t know?
If a child sleeps on the street here, they are likely forced into prostitution within forty eight hours.
We eat local and coach soccer
and sleep easy in our beds beside the streets far meaner now than ever.
At least the sailors of the 1800s chose their trade and it’s dangers.
By the way, have you tried that new pinot noir from the Dundee hills?
It’s full-bodied with notes of chocolate and cinnamon and leaves the palate cleaner with no hint of a rising gorge.


Priests Must Now Apply To Molest More Than One Hundred Children

Vatican City – The Pope announced today that a special council of bishops will convene annually to consider cases of high frequency child molestation among priests. Previously priests who were frequent child molesters were handled at the diocese or referred to the bishop. The process was haphazard and cases were not handled uniformly. Some priests received counseling, others were moved to a different parish, and some remained in their own parishes with a warning. All were allowed to continue molesting children, but treatment and handling was uneven. “There was no uniformity. Now if a priest reaches a certain threshold — we are saying one hundred acknowledged cases – they will each be reviewed similarly, before receiving forgiveness and returning to their duties. It is all about fairness,” said a Vatican spokesperson.



Winter took away
What gave me life, in hopes that
Spring would steal my heart


Clothed in woven words,
wintering over inside paragraphs,
the time tribe wanders
from youth’s dark season
to the roaring pyres of night.
A river glides over sun warm rocks.
Hours or eons go by.
A flint spear flies between steady breaths.
A catfish flops in the cheat grass.
No science impedes the trek
across skies and folds of bending matter.
A termite crawls up the highest mound in the afternoon heat,
following a relentless trail.
Lightning cracks,
a flash flood rolls down a narrow canyon —
leaving mere bones without
shelter of words.

Today’s Quote

“To fix the economic system we must re-moralize the market, re-localize the economy and recapitalize the poor.”
–Phillip Blond
(How?   see

Today’s quote

“I hope I shall ever see America at the forefront of liberality.”

–George Washington

Today’s Quote

“You do not steer a ship by looking at it’s wake, nor a life.”

–church reader board